Affable, informed and determined, Tom Steyer is a champion for a renewable energy-powered economy

Clean Energy Evangelist & Investor Tom Steyer (Courtesy Tom Steyer)

Speaking last month about JP Morgan Chase’s decision to align its lending protocols with emissions targets set by U.N. climate scientists, Tom Steyer expressed enthusiasm that a bank with a long history of investing in fossil fuel extraction has changed their tune.

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Harvard recently announced that they will make an effort to divest thier endowment by 2050. But 2050 is too late. They’ve been dragging their heels for decades, fighting faculty, alums and students and to what end?…

On Friday, February 20th [2017]the Harvard Corporation will defend its investments in fossil fuel companies, whose business activities cause climate change. The Corporation, which currently owns $79 million in direct holdings in the two hundred largest fossil fuel companies, is seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Harvard University students last fall. …

This is from HuffPost, where my 2017 interview with Mayor Dale Ross was posted in 2016. It was that year that Ross’s city of Georgetown, TX signed a 20-year deal to buy wind and solar power electricity from the Panhandle. A big step for an otherwise conservative town. Ross is a republican…

It may be hard to believe, but plans are underway to power a conservative Texas community with 100% wind- and solar-powered electricity.

Thanks to Ari Phillips’s June 11th story in Climate Progress, I had a sense that the Mayor of Georgetown, Texas was different than most. It’s big…

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The renewable energy plans are as viable today — if not more so — than they were when I originally posted this story in 2015:

The popularity of Bernie Sanders has a lot to do with his pragmatic, down-to-earth assessment of America’s socio-economic landscape — one that the Vermont Senator hopes to influence.

Whether outlining prescriptions to address income and racial inequality and campaign finance reform, re-working a discriminatory criminal justice system or addressing the reality of climate change, one clear message shines through: Bernie Sanders’s vision for America is resonating…

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A 2.4 magnitude earthquake ushered in the New Year near the old Texas Stadium in Irving, TX. The event was yet one more in a series of frequent seismic episodes to rattle Dallas County residents.The area surrounding the old Texas Stadium site is the epicenter for the majority of Dallas County Earthquakes occurring since November 2014.

Then, eleven earthquakes hit Irving five days later on January 6th and another quake struck the same area at 1 a.m. on the 7th. Notably, the twelve tremors over just 24 hours followed five…

America’s Offshore Wind Power Industry Launches from New Bedford, MA

Here, Part 3 explores how Cape Wind is catalyzing a new American energy industry that will generate clean electrical power, the jobs that support it, and…

Installation of offshore wind turbines by Deepwater Wind off of Block Island, RI

Part 1 of this story reviewed the fourteen year journey of Cape Wind, America’s first offshore wind project.

Here, in Part 2, Cape Wind Communications Director Mark Rodgers reflects on the leadership required to move the project from drawing board to construction. He explains how the un-calculated or “external” costs of polluting sources of energy have inspired communities to support renewable sources of power. He also points to the intersection of Massachusetts’s burgeoning clean energy economy with its embrace of windmill power over 300 years ago. [Note that the Cape Wind project was not built, due in large part to…

This is a repost from HuffPost. Note to reader — the Cape Wind project did not come to fruition. Cape Wind, North America’s first-planned offshore wind farm, was to install 130 windmills off the coast of southeastern Massachusetts to provide roughly three-quarters of the electricity required by the residents of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.The landmark project was fourteen years in the making.

By 2020, fifty percent of Americans are expected to live directly by the coast. Along the northeast shoreline, where urban populations are dense, America benefits from some of the greatest offshore wind reserves in the world

Originally published at on April 30, 2014.

Co-authored by by Sima Atri, Benjamin Franta, Sidni Frederick, Ted Hamilton, Jacob Lipton, Chloe Maxmin, Brett Roche, Kelsey Skaggs, Henney Sullivan, Tyler VanValkenburg, Jacob Lipton, Zoë Onion, Olivia Kivel, and Canyon Woodward on behalf of Divest Harvard

This morning we began blocking the main entrance to Massachusetts Hall, which houses the office of Harvard University President Drew Faust and other top administrators. We are here to demand an open and transparent dialogue with the Harvard Corporation — Harvard’s main governing body — on fossil fuel divestment. To date, President Faust and Harvard…

If you’ve ever imagined a global trek around the world, you will love Danny Kennedy’s book, Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy — and our Planet — from Dirty Energy. It’s an illuminating, pragmatic and often humorous adventure that charts the author’s evolution from a tween environmental activist to a 40-something solar innovator extraordinaire.

[This is a repost from my August 2013 HuffPost story]

“We already get our energy from the sun — we just do it in the most laughably inefficient way imaginable,” Kennedy begins, before shining a journalist’s light on the “diabolic machinery of Dirty Energy.” With detailed precision and choice anecdotes, this seasoned traveler and entrepreneur connects the all-important carbon dots. From the excavation and transportation of coal, oil and natural gas to its global consumption, Kennedy’s visceral images of the world’s largely uncalculated carbon footprint abound.

Then, just as when Dorothy leaves the dreary landscape of Kansas to arrive in…

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