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  • chrissy teigen

    chrissy teigen

  • MaryBeth Gronek

    MaryBeth Gronek

    Syndicated Writer from Chicago. I write about personal growth and relationships. ❤ Founder, CEO of A Good & Spacious Land: agoodandspaciousland.com.

  • E.B. Johnson

    E.B. Johnson

    I help you unlearn your pain. Author & NLPMP. My book “Relationship Renovator” is available now.

  • Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson

    Co-creator of 2 cool boys with an equally cool woman • Career Coach • Business Insider, Fast Co., Forbes • Follow along for career tips and life reminders.

  • Sira M.

    Sira M.

    Writer | Coach | Proud Amazonian | If you are ready to transform your life, subscribe to my newsletter: newsletter.thetrulycharming.com

  • Greenpeace


    We're an independent global campaigning organisation acting to change attitudes and behavior, to protect the environment and promote peace.

  • Sam Wang

    Sam Wang

    Neuroscientist, author Welcome To Your Child's Brain, @Princeton. PhD to distinguish from pop star. Podcast http://bit.ly/2hE9zSp Bug: http://cnn.it/2f44MLQ

  • Garance Franke-Ruta

    Garance Franke-Ruta

    Executive Editor, GEN by Medium. Previously: Yahoo News, The Atlantic, The Washington Post. garance-at-medium-dot-com.

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